The Cambrian

Viewpoint: The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend

Recently our little village was visited by some… LaRouchites? La Rouchees? I prefer LaRouche Bags. They were camping out in front of the B of A building on Main. I dropped in for a visit to see what they were chatting about. I hung out for an hour or so and observed many people reacting strongly for and (mostly) against their message and images of the President of the United States sporting a Hitler ’stache.

I observed two really important things. First, freedom of expression is easy to defend when you support the message. Who wouldn’t defend the right to praise mom and apple pie? The problem with the First Amendment is that it applies equally to speech that I find abhorrent. So do I defend these idiots’ right to lawfully spew whatever crap falls out of their mouth? Sure I do. As it happens, every paranoid thing that they were saying could be found word for word on the LaRouche PAC website anyway.

The second thing that I noticed was the people who clearly hate the president were taking literature, giving money and offering encouragement. I was really amused by this. These generally decent folks who fear that the President of the United States is a secret Muslim socialist are giving their hard-earned money to a cause that is so far left it makes Barack Obama look like Glenn Beck. These guys want socialized medicine with no private sector involvement, they believe that the Soviets created AIDS as a biological attack on the USA and he even once had a plan to allow workers to “rebuild their personalities around a new socialist identity,” So, I think that the message is this: I understand people might not care for the job the president is doing. I didn’t care for the last one putting us on the road to a $1.4 trillion dollar war plan. I endorse my friends who support a different candidate. Just be careful … Be informed. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.