The Cambrian

Water supply meeting today

The Cambria Community Services District will present an update on water supply options it and the Army Corps of Engineers are working on and take public comment at a workshop meeting today, June 14.

CCSD staffers and members of the Corps engineering team “will review the various water supply concepts being developed, as well as evaluation criteria that the engineers are currently developing,” according to Bob Gresens, district engineer.

A Corps contractor is currently working on environmental reports on water supply alternatives. In February, the Corps said it expected to release a draft of that document in September.

The upcoming meeting is complementary to but not directly part of that environmental review process.

The meeting will include discussion of criteria used to choose between projects, including upfront capital costs and ongoing operational costs.

Another workshop is scheduled for July 19. The purpose of that meeting will be to rank the projects, using criteria shaped in part by today’s meeting.

Discussions at both meetings will focus on engineering aspects of potential projects, Gresens said; environmental evaluations will be part of the ongoing environmental study and incorporated into the eventual report.

Today’s meeting begins at 1 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Building, 1000 Main St. It’s expected to last two to three hours. —Bert Etling