The Cambrian

School board president steps down, but stays on board

Dr. Robert Gong, president of the Coast Unified School District Board of Trustees, stepped down June 30 on the advice of his cardiologist. However, Gong said he’d continue to serve on the board “for now.”

The physician, one of two general practitioners in Cambria, had a heart attack June 4, hours before he was to preside at the Coast Union High School graduation ceremonies.

Gong said at the June 30 meeting that his cardiologist had advised him to reduce the amount of stress in his life. After the meeting, he told a reporter that his “day job” has to take priority, but he hopes to remain on the board “as long as I can.”

Dianne Brooke, the board’s second in command, will take Gong's place. Appointing her replacement as clerk had to wait until the Aug. 12 meeting, because the issue wasn’t on the agenda.

Coast Unified administers schools in Cambria, and is not part of or affiliated with San Luis Obispo Coastal Unified School District. —Kathe Tanner