The Cambrian

Weather Watch: Cambria Weather Watch quiz

1. During our rainy season we were blessed with both an early rain in October and late rains during April. How many inches of rain were recorded during the rainy season?

A. 20 inches

B. 23 inches

C. 25 inches

D. 28 inches

2. June 21 was the longest day of the year. What time did the sun set in Cambria on this day?

A. 8:13

B. 8:23

C. 8:33

D. 8:43

3. How many days in a year does the sun set in Cambria after 8 p.m.?

A. 58 days (almost 2 months)

B. 68 days

C. 78 days

D. 88 days (almost 3 months)

4. How many more hours of daylight did Cambria experience on June 21 (the longest day) as compared to Dec. 21 (the shortest day)?

A. 4 hours

B. 4.5 hours

C. More than 4.5 hours

Answers to questions :

1. (C); 2. (B); 3. (D); 4.(C).