The Cambrian

Pembrook repair, bridge work put off

The county must delay work on two road-related Cambria projects, one to repair a street that was undercut last winter by rushing water and another that would replace two aging bridges.

According to Dave Flynn, deputy director of Public Works, repairs on Park Hill’s Pembrook Road must wait until the county gets easements from two property owners, including the Cambria Community Services District.

“While we wanted to be underway by mid-May, we are having to pursue a slope easement for the reconstruction of the roadway,” Flynn said in an e-mail interview. “At this point, we would expect to begin mid- July” and, if all goes as hoped, the work might be complete by the end of summer.

On San Simeon Creek Road, the county still needs money from Caltrans to replace two bridges that were deemed unsafe by a state roads engineer in 2008 and were closed for a while. Interim repairs were done on one and a modular bridge was installed temporarily in place of the second. They are about 2.3 and 3.5 miles east of Highway 1.

Although Public Works had planned to start the $6 million project this year, the lack of funding has slowed progress significantly, Flynn said.

There are restrictions on when work near or in San Simeon Creek can proceed, partially because of protected species that live in or travel through the habitat area.

“While we intend to advertise the work to get contractor on board this summer, the tight construction windows will likely lead to work starting June of 2011,” Flynn said. “We expect this to be a two-season job,” so work wouldn’t be complete until mid 2013.”

The department is notifying residents of the change in timing.

The one-lane, 12-foot-wide rural-road bridges would increase in length to 136 and 150 feet from 78 and 106 feet and would be two-lane, 29-foot wide concrete structures.