The Cambrian

CCSD set to adopt lean budget

T he big item that Cambria Community Services District directors will consider at their June 24 meeting is the $7.5 million 2010-2011 budget, but that’s by no means the only issue before them.

The belt-tightened budget includes $1.78 million for water service and nearly $2 million for treating sewage, just about the same as for the current fiscal year.

The “public has to recognize we’re getting down to bare bones” with the lean proposed budget, said Director Allan MacKinnon.

Funding for fire department operations would drop by 8.3 percent, parks and recreation by nearly 45 percent, the resource conservation fund by 17 percent and administration by 1.6 percent.

According to district board President Greg Sanders, directors also are expected to review:

•Requiring all employees to pay their full share of contributions toward a state retirement fund. Public safety

employees (firefighters and paramedics) would pay 9 percent of the total contribution; other employees would pay 8 percent. Until recently, CCSD paid the employees’ share, so this change would reduce the district’s employee benefits cost;

• A year-long, $74,000 contract with the Washington, D.C., lobbyist firm, Van Scoyoc and Assoc., which has been helping the district secure federal funding for a desalination project;

• Contracts for video records of board meetings (AGP Video) and computer and technical ser vice (Tech Express); and

• Increasing by 1.9 percent an assessment that helps fund the Cambria Fire Department.