The Cambrian

Coast graduation on a Friday this year

Thank the calendar for North Coast graduations being held a day later in the week than usual, and earlier in June to boot.

Ceremonies for Leffingwell High School, Cambria Community Day School and the independent study program are to be at 1 p.m. Thursday, June 3, followed the next day by ceremonies at Coast Union High School (1:30 p.m.) and Santa Lucia Middle School (7 p.m.).

According to Chris Adams, superintendent of the Coast Unified School District, there’s a complex formula for setting the last day of school and graduation dates, and the final decision is negotiated between administration, teachers and the calendar.

Among key factors are when Easter falls and how late in May Memorial Day happens. In the middle, on a date determined by

percentage of the completed 180-day school year, students must take the state Standardized Testing and Reporting) “STAR” tests.

“The calendar’s a three-ring circus, for sure,” Adams said.

For instance, this year, Memorial Day is as late as it can be — the last day of May. It would have been a tight squeeze to take off that holiday and still be ready for the usual Wednesday-Thursday graduation dates, Adams said, adding that it will be the same next year.

Although grades aren’t final yet, the schools expect: