The Cambrian

CCSD inks pact with firefighters

Cambria Fire Department’s fulltime firefighters, fire engineers and fire captains have a new two-year agreement which gives them a 4.1 percent raise. The contract also includes a first-time requirement for those employees to pay a similar amount into their own retirement funds, which equates to 2 percent of the total donation to the fund.

Two-percent of the raise is retroactive to July 1; the most recent contract expired June 30. Each newly hired firefighter will pay his or her entire employee share of annual retirement-fund donations, which is about 9 percent of the total.

Cambria Community Services District directors approved the new agreements 4-0 on April 22. Director Peter Chaldecott was absent.

Financial impact to the district in the 2009-2010 fiscal year is about $19,400, according to General Manager Tammy Rudock, not including any potential cost-of-living increase.

After months of negotiations, the complex dispute reached an impasse on Nov. 6, and soon thereafter, two Cambria Community Services District directors entered the discussions.

Greg Sanders and Muril Clift, respectively the board’s president and vice president, met with union and other representatives several times, the final time on the morning of April 22.

—Kathe Tanner