The Cambrian

Viewpoint: On Pullin's points

In response to Stephen Pullin’s article in the April 1 edition of The Cambrian, ‘What kind of place could, should Cambria be?

His well-taken point is that we must be thinking now about what kind of place we want Cambria to be. Since he mentions that he is a part-time resident, he may not be aware that a whole lot of people have had those same thoughts over the years, and have put a lot of time and effort into planning for that future, keeping in mind the very sage comment of a rabbi from Los Angeles, “If a person steps backward and falls into a mud puddle, that is change. It is not necessarily progress.”

The plans were put into place by people who wanted progress, not just change. These plans may be found on the county Planning Department’s website: were written by the professional planners in the planning department, modified by the North Coast Advisory Council, the county Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors and finally by the California Coastal Commission. These are the plans that must be followed unless and until they are changed by going through the above mentioned agencies again. They are the law by which Cambria will move into the future.

To respond to some of Mr. Pullin’s other points: The Cambria Community Services District by law cannot do land use planning. The Services District provides the services allocated to it by the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo), and the provision of water is one of them. The law surrounding the provision of water is best discussed either with the CCSD or LAFCo. Many people are concerned about cell phone coverage, and are thus working to improve that coverage.

It is always good to have thoughtful articles in The Cambrian regarding Cambria’s future.

Former District Supervisor Shirley Bianchi lives on San Simeon Creek Road.