The Cambrian

Do you know Cambria’s weather?

Cambria Weather Watch quiz (answers appear in the Weather Watcher column beginning on Page 6):

1. In January, Cambria recorded 8.5 inches of rain. How many times during the last 10 years has more rain fallen in any given month?

A. None; B. Once; C. More than once.

2. How much rain can we expect to receive during our spring season (April, May, and June?)

A. Not measurable –only drizzly; B. 2 inches –four rainy days C. 3 inches –six rainy days; D. 4inches-eight rainy days.

3. For the past five months, the average low temperature as recorded by the Cambria Fire Department on Lodge Hill is colder than the temperature recorded at the Waste Water Treatment plant at Park Hill (nearer the ocean). True or False?

A. True; B. False.

4. From January to June we experience increased hours of daylight. Which month provides us with the most daylight gain from the prior month?

A. March; B. April; C. May; D. June.

Answers to questions: 1. (B); 2. (B); 3.

(B); 4. (A)