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Bronco softball off to a rough start

Ashlyn Silva had three hits and pitched against Kings Christian on Saturday, March 13.
Ashlyn Silva had three hits and pitched against Kings Christian on Saturday, March 13. PHOTO BY MERLE BASSETT

N ow that the sun is shining, the Coast Union girl’s softball team is finally getting started. With three games under their belt the girls are off to a rough start (their record, 0-3), losing to St. Joseph’s 0-26, Cabrillo 0-16, and Kings Christian 12-16. What really rattled the Broncos during the game against St. Joe’s was a serious case of nervousness.

It was their first game — a scheduled scrimmage and tournament game had been rained out — and they gave up 16 runs in the first inning. Sixteen runs in one inning will not exactly engender a sense of team confidence.

But the defense eventually warmed up to St. Joe’s in the last two innings, allowing only two runs in the third inning and one run in the fourth. When the girls went up against Cabrillo last Friday, March 12, they had zero hits and six critical errors.

But the Lady Broncos learned from their one-sided losses when approaching their Saturday morning game against King’s Christian on March 13. The girls finally became aggressive at the bat.

Pitcher Ashlyn Silva had three hits in the game with 3 runs scored, Alex Scrivner (first base) had two hits with 2 runs scored, Jasmine Bucio (shortstop) one hit with 1 run scored, and Josie Poulos subbed in the last innings of the game, scoring a run for the team with a bunt.

The girls were proud that they were finally getting the bat on the ball, but they were also disappointed that they left nine players stranded on the basepaths. They certainly weren’t happy that they had committed too many errors — because with tighter defense they may well have beaten Kings Christian.

This week the girls have a game today, March 18, against the Pirates at Morro Bay, and a double header at home against Avenal on Saturday. The team is loving playing in this weather and would be delighted to have a big crowd come out Saturday, March 20, to support the Coast Union softball team.

—Alexis Scrivner and John Fitz- Randolph, special to The Cambrian