The Cambrian

Rate hikes put water, sewer funds in the black

For the first time in six years, rates paid by Cambrians to get water delivered to their taps and their sewage treated are covering the cost of providing those services, according to a director of the Cambria Community Services District.

Allan MacKinnon, a member of the district’s board, said recent rate increases approved by district customers in June mean the “water and wastewater departments are operating in the black,” and have a bit of excess cash left over for infrastructure repairs. “Things look good in those two departments.”

The money can’t be shifted around to other projects or departments, because the money is dedicated to the two “enterprise funds” which are required by district ordinance to be self-sufficient.

A draft document shows the water department took in about $1.8 million in the first six months of the fiscal year, and spent approximately $1.785 million. The same report showed the wastewater department’s total operating revenue for the same period was more than $1.98 million, and operating expenses were $1.96 million.

— Kathe Tanner