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Allied Arts: A new home for artistic expression

Grand opening celebrants eye the art on the new gallery’s walls.
Grand opening celebrants eye the art on the new gallery’s walls.

The Allied Arts Association celebrated it grand opening at its new gallery space at the Old Grammar School, 1350 Main St. on Friday, Feb. 5. Artwork by local artists now lines the walls of the old school’s hallways. A former teachers’ break room, repainted a soft shade of lavender-mauve and redecorated, has become a “life-drawing room” for painting sessions with live models, art classes and lessons. The new space is more than twice as large as the group’s previous gallery in the old Santa Rosa Schoolhouse at 880 Main St., which it called the Gallery at the Old Schoolhouse. That space was declared unsafe Nov. 17 after an inspector found the walls were insufficiently braced. The building’s owner, the Lions Club of Cambria, has done renovation work on the building. The association had already leased the Old Grammar School’s auditorium from Coast Unified School District and refitted it as the Theatre at the Old Grammar School, where Houselights Theatre has presented a number of plays. Allied Arts plans to expand its offerings of art shows, plays and readings to include movie showings, game tournaments, live-mike events and music jam sessions.

— Kathe Tanner