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Boys Basketball: Greatest Challenge awaits boys hoop squad

Challenges are part of the deal

when you’re out for sports. Big

challenges, small challenges —

no matter the degree of difficultly,

players are tested every day,

even in practice.

So when the Bronco boys basketball

team faces off with a powerhouse

like Central Valley

Christian (15-4) Friday, Feb. 5 —

an enormous challenge—no

doubt Coach TimMay expects

his team to “do our best to be respectable.”

“Central Valley Christian

(CVC) will be the toughest team

we will have played all year,”

May stated. The game will be

played as part of a tournament at

Mission Prep, and while the

Broncos tallest player, Andy Gordon,

is 6 feet, CVC suits up seven

players over 6 feet in height.

CVC features players 6-8, 6-7, 6-5,

6-3 and 6-2.

Think the tallest Monterey

Pines in Cambria placed next to

a stand of redwood trees in Big

Sur. Still, May says there are

two keys to avoid having the

game “get ugly in a hurry”;

one, the Broncos must “take

care of the basketball” (limit

turnovers); and two, the players

must avoid getting “demoralized”

even if they are losing by

a big score.

That second key is related to

the game the Broncos play after

the CVC contest Friday —

against 13-7 Immanuel High

School from Reedley. May worries

that if his Broncos get totally

disheartened and beaten to a

pulp emotionally by CVC, their

spirits and their energy level

may suffer against Immanuel.

He has good reason to be concerned

about Immanuel; seven

of their 11 varsity players are 6

feet or taller, including two who

go 6-6. Of course, height alone

does not make a team great. But

a tall represents a formidable

challenge, and May insists his 7

players say they’re ready, come

what may.

— John Fitzrandolph,

special to The Cambrian