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Soccer: Soccer preempted by precipitation

A little rain really doesn’t normally bother a high school soccer coach, given that soccer is an outdoor sport. You go with the flow. But when it pours hard day after day for a week, and the wind howls like a hundred hungry wolves, a coach has a problem.

Coast Union varsity soccer coach Moises Jimenez regrets that stormy weather canceled both of his recent games. But, moreover, he is disappointed that the rain also put a serious damper on his team’s practice time.

Practice is vital when a Coast Union team faces one of its most challenging rivals—Mission Prep—which the varsity soccer team faces this week on Wednesday, Jan. 27, too late for this issue of The Cambrian.

Meanwhile, Mission Prep is 12-0 (the Broncos are 5-3) and Mission’s new coach Bob Galameau “…has changed the make-up of the program,” Jimenez explains. “Before we’d hear Mission and the first thing that came to mind was basketball; [but] now it is the opposite, we think soccer,” Jimenez continued.

Still, Jimenez’s focus is on getting his team ready to “work together defensively to stop the Mission Prep offense…and transition into the offensive attack.”

Friday, Jan. 29, the boys and girls varsity soccer teams travel to Farmersville to play at 4:30 and 6:00 p.m., respectively.

— John FitzRandolph, special to The Cambrian