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: Br oncos nipped again by Morro Bay Pirates

CU sophomore Andy Gordon drives into the lane against Morro Bay.
CU sophomore Andy Gordon drives into the lane against Morro Bay. PHOTO BY MERLE BASSETT

If at first your basketball team doesn’t succeed against a bigger school like Morro Bay, try, try again, right? Coast Union boy’s varsity coach Tim May took that to heart, and after losing by 10 points to the Pirates on Dec. 30, his Broncos tried again to beat Morro Bay last week at home.

The outcome on Jan. 22 was the same, albeit the Pirates only beat Coast Union by 5 points on the second try, 44-39. “Once again, we had another fantastic third quarter to put ourselves up by 4 going into the fourth quarter,” May explained.

And with under a minute left in the game, the Broncos had a chance to go up by 1 point, but missed a 5-foot contested shot and, in the final 30 seconds, missed a couple other opportunities at close shots.

“We had a great chance to win the game at the end, but didn’t make it,” May continues, noting —without specifically passing

judgment on the officiating — that Morro Bay players went to the free throw line 26 times and the Broncos went there just five times.

Meantime, with his team down to seven players (one was recently made ineligible due to academic issues), May was asked if any of his players have surprised him in terms of what he saw at the outset of the season and what he sees now.

“I have been pleasantly surprised with Jaime Torres’ development,” May answered. Torres’ main sports interest is in baseball, and the senior forward knew going into the basketball season that he would be a backup to Andy Gordon in the post position.

That said, Torres’ “…vocal leadership, both comical and positive, has really made this a memorable season,” according to May. Torres has the ability to position himself in the right spot on the floor and “he has a knack for finding the ball,” his coach explains.

Going into Wednesday night’s game (Jan. 27) against Mission Prep (too late for this edition), the Broncos were 8-9 with five games remaining on their schedule. Their next home game is Feb. 8 against Maricopa.

As to team statistics, guards Ramiro Medina and Sean Mertens are neck-in-neck in several categories: free throws (Medina 65 percent; Mertens 64 percent); assists (Medina 55; Mertens 54); and turnovers (Medina 68; Mertens 62).

— John FitzRandolph, special to The Cambrian