The Cambrian

Giving thanks: Life’s cup not only full, it runneth over

I practice gratitude every day. I believe that is why, as my friend puts it, my default mode is “happy.” Naturally, around this time of year as family starts to gather (hopefully), I start to be grateful for even more things.

I went to pick Zachary up at the Teen Center last night. I know, without a worry, that someone will see my car pull up and they’ll holler at Zachary that his mom is here, so he’ll come out, seemingly automatically. Thank you for paying attention!

We decided to treat ourselves to some pizza across the street. Not long after we’d sat down, many little people under 4 feet tall and their parents started filling in. “End of soccer party,” we were informed. How many years did I come here with hordes of children, packing it to the rafters with giggles and wiggles. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

I worked bagging groceries at the Cookie Crock Market 25 years ago when it was about where Las Cambritas is now. Service was of the utmost importance, so it was a given that we would take out everyone’s groceries, no matter where they parked. I particularly enjoyed the walks all the way over to The Brambles! While they don’t have to walk as far, I can still count on someone walking my groceries out and taking my cart back in. You don’t get that anywhere else, really. Thanks for the example of serving others.

When I first moved up here, there was a sign posted on the bridge over Santa Rosa Creek at Santa Rosa Creek Road saying “No Fishing From Bridge.” While the creek doesn’t hold the same opportunity, it still courageously meanders toward the ocean, generally stopped before it’s final destination, waiting for the first good rain to give it strength to break through the sandbar, taking with it all the year’s fallen debris and dust, yelling loudly, “finally I can stretch my legs!” Thanks for the example of patience and perseverance.

My friends and I all attend various meetings and occasionally share notes. “There was a complaint about this.” “There was a suggestion about that.” “Well, there’s always someone to say something about this, that and the other ….” You can always count on someone being p.o.’d about something. Often we disagree, at times we agree, I know everyone tries to be good and at least listen. Point is we’re all at these meetings. Thanks, Cambria, for caring enough to be there.

So, as you gather with whomever was able to make it home, be sure to go for a walk, whereever you are, and take notice of what’s around you. Look around at those surrounding you, be it human or four-legged, and enjoy the company. If you are alone, appreciate who you are and the other gifts you have in your life.

Look for the beauty. Look for the good. Look for the little things that make life what it is. Be thankful.

E-mail Lady Tie Di, aka Dianne Brooke, a member of the Coast Unified School District Board of Trustees, at tiedi