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Cambria health district board opts not to revote on officers

Trustees of the Cambria Community Healthcare District backed away Tuesday, June 28, from a potential vote to remove two of their members from the offices of president and vice president.

After hearing from nine members of the community — all of whom spoke against recalling the titles and responsibilities from President Mike McLaughlin and Vice President Barbara Bronson Gray — each trustee restated his or her own position on why he or she did or didn’t support the concept. 

More than 50 people, many more than usually attend the district’s meetings, were at the packed-house session at Rabobank’s community room.

The other three trustees (Kristi Jenkins, Bob Putney and Mary Anne Meyer) then said separately that each had no intention of removing the two leaders from the posts that will up for election again in November. No motion was made, and no action was taken.

The agenda item that preceded consideration of the possible change in officers was one in which the trustees unanimously adopted a goal of cordiality and civility in dealing with and listening to the public, one another, their staff and employees. They also pledged to be fully prepared for meetings.

If the board proceeds with a customary rotation of officers, Bronson Gray would be president next year.

Among the board’s other separate actions were: 

  • Having Administrator Bob Sayers, McLaughlin and Bronson Gray take the next step in exploring options for expanding health care services for the district, possibly including an emergency-care facility.
  • Instructing Sayers to develop a policy on providing stand-by ambulance services to nonprofit organizations. 
  • Adding instructions to each agenda that, while board members won’t converse with speakers during public comment, any individual trustee may incorporate into discussion of an agenda item an answer to a question posed by the public.