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Stage 3 water shortage back before Cambria CSD board

The Sustainable Water Facility.
The Sustainable Water Facility.

Cambrians can learn more Thursday, Jan. 19 about what could happen if their services district directors decide to lift the Stage 3 water-shortage emergency declaration that has ruled community water use and more since 2001.

The Cambria Community Services District board meeting begins at 12:30 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Building, 1000 Main St.

The directors are to consider again lifting that emergency declaration, which produced a moratorium on issuing most new water connections. The moratorium and reduced water sales resulting from the community’s remarkable water-conserving response to the prolonged drought have put a crimp in district coffers, despite rate increases that began last March.

While, according to the staff report, a weather-pattern shift and the Sustainable Water Facility have changed the situation since the declaration was put in place, current permits for the facility only allow the district to operate the water-reclamation plant when the community is under a declared Stage 3 water-shortage emergency.

District aquifers are full. San Simeon and Santa Rosa creeks are flowing to the ocean; aquifers along those creeks supply water to Cambrians.

Other items being considered at the meeting are: Seeking public input on and setting board goals and committee/liaison assignments (see related story, Page 1); considering bylaw amendments, including raising director pay back to $100 a meeting (it’s been $75, with a maximum of six meetings per month per director, since about 2008); approving additional funds for CDM Smith’s extra work on the Sustainable Water Facility’s environmental impact report; the fiscal year 2016-17 quarterly budget review; introducing an updated fire code (such as clarifying fire-sprinkler requirements and a ban on “sky lantern” hot-air balloons); and giving the district the tools to address weeds on improved properties (the current weed-abatement program only covers unimproved properties).

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