Government meetings in SLO County for the week of Aug. 22

Arroyo Grande City Council. Meets Tuesday. 805-473-5400. Consideration of employment agreement appointing Bob McFall as interim city manager; consider resolution amending water shortage emergency penalties and provide direction on a potential development and annexation moratorium.

Morro Bay City Council. Meets Tuesday. 805-772-6200. Approval of Councilman Matt Makowetski taking a 90-day leave of absence for a medical reason; discuss and approve city organizational items and salary schedule; authorize award of a consulting agreement for preliminary engineering services for road improvements at Main Street/Highway 1 and State Route 41 interchange.

Pismo Beach Planning Commission. Meets Tuesday. 805-773-4658. Consideration of coastal development permit for North Beach Campground Dump Station Expansion Project.

San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors. Meets Tuesday. 805-781-5450. Consider an urgency ordinance to ban the cultivation of marijuana in unincorporated areas of the county.

San Luis Obispo Planning Commission. Meets Tuesday. 805-781-7170. Review of a new four-story mixed-use project at 22 Chorro St., including ground-floor commercial/retail space and 27 residential units; review and recommendation to City Council of the draft Short Range Transit Plan in 2017; study session to review progress and provide feedback on implementation of General Plan Land Use Element Program regarding neighborhood compatibility (new homes proposed to be within existing neighborhoods).