Baby goats soothe stressed-out Cal Poly students

Baby goats cuddle with Cal Poly students

The Kennedy Library annually brings in baby goats to help students de-stress during midterms.
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The Kennedy Library annually brings in baby goats to help students de-stress during midterms.

As soon as the first one hopped out of the animal trailer in front of the Robert E. Kennedy Library, the students assembled on the lawn were “oohing” and “awing.”

“It’s goats!” one whispered from the sidewalk.

The group of about 10 baby dairy goats — or kids — were at the Cal Poly library Wednesday for a dual purpose: to help students de-stress during midterms, and to help socialize the little goats before they go to the California Mid-State Fair this summer.

Take5 committee chair Conny Liegl said the library brings in volunteered baby goats each spring as part of the group’s efforts to reduce stress among students. The goats are owned by students and their families who intend to show them at the fair in July.

“Seeing these students who we see in the library stressing about homework or tests come out and be so excited about the goats is wonderful,” Liegl said. “They are always like, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing!’ Seeing that is just so great.”

The group also brings in cats and dogs throughout the year for similar purposes — though the goats tend to draw larger crowds.

“I think it’s because there is a little bit of a freak factor (with the goats),” Liegl said. “And of course there are always the jokes that of course we have this at Cal Poly, being such an ag school.”

On Wednesday, the goats roamed around on leashes with their handlers, posing for selfies with the students and eating whatever they came across (one goat decided to chomp on a students’ long hair, before moving on to some green grass nearby). A few of the goats also had GoPros — or “GoatPros,” as the crowd was calling them — filming the entire experience.

Second-year biology student Tasha Haddad said that seeing the goats was the best part of her day.

“I was just coming to be tortured in the library, but then I saw a goat, and it made my day,” she said as she cuddled a 2-month-old goat named Sage. “It feels amazing. It’s so sweet — it’s like falling asleep on me. And, honestly, it does relieve stress a lot.”

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