Paso Robles residents asked to properly remove fallen leaves

With autumn now here, Paso Robles residents are reminded to properly collect and dispose of fallen leaves to prepare for the upcoming wet season, according to a press release from the city’s public works department.

Leaves left in the street can clog city storm drains, resulting in street flooding when it rains. Blowing or raking private property leaves into the street gutter or storm drain could also result in flooding, the press release says.

To prevent potential flooding issues in a neighborhood, residents are encouraged to collect and dispose of leaves using their homes’ green waste bins for curbside pickup or mow over the leaves to create mulch to put in their planters and gardens.

Residents are responsible for cleaning up fallen leaves on their private properties and on any bordering sidewalks. Meanwhile, city crews will clean up leaves associated with city street trees.

Those with questions can call the city’s maintenance services department at 237-3873.