SLO County health clinics offer free breast exams

Four health clinics and French Hospital Medical Center are teaming up this month to offer free breast exams and mammograms in recognition of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Women interested in the program must first make an appointment with one of the four health clinics to receive a free clinical breast exam. At the screening, qualified candidates will receive a referral for a free mammogram at the Women’s Diagnostic Center at French hospital.

To contact one of the four participating clinics: The Center for Health and Prevention at 705 Grand Ave. in San Luis Obispo, 544-2478; Planned Parenthood at 743 Pismo St. in San Luis Obispo, 888-898-3806; SLO Noor Clinics at 1428 Phillips Lane, Suite B-4 in San Luis Obispo, 439-1797; and County Health Department at 723 Walnut Drive in Paso Robles, 237-3050.

For more information about the program or for free transportation, call 786-6130.