Arroyo Grande police union won't comment on city manager's resignation

The Arroyo Grande Police Officers Association declined to comment Thursday on Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams’ announcement that he will resign.

“The AGPOA membership does not feel the need to publicly defend ourselves as we provided our position to the council,” the association said in a statement emailed to The Tribune by union President Shawn Cosgrove.

“We will direct any further comments toward the council,” the statement continued. “More importantly, the membership feels any statements could potentially impact the integrity of the independent investigation.”

Adams said he will resign as soon as a successor can be hired, a process that could take several months.

Adams has been at the center of a controversy since mid-August, when the public learned that five police officers found Adams and Community Development Director Teresa McClish alone late at night in City Hall on July 3.

A deputy city attorney investigation in July found no policy violations had occurred. Adams and McClish told the attorney that they had a few drinks at two restaurants in the Village and were talking in Adams' office to ensure they were safe to drive home.

The Arroyo Grande Police Officers Association later called for an independent investigation of the incident, which the City Council is now pursuing.

The police union later filed a formal complaint and took unanimous votes of no confidence in Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara and Adams over the handling of the incident.

On Sept. 20, the City Council reversed a previous position and decided to pursue an outside review. The police officers union declined to participate in the selection of an independent investigator.

“It is not the duty of the police to investigate personnel matters and policy violations of our city leaders,” Cosgrove said at the council’s Sept. 23 meeting. “All we ask is that the selection process, all communications, and the investigation itself be made completely public so that everyone can determine for themselves what the truth is.”

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