Local woman found dead on a Nevada roadside

Margay Edwards
Margay Edwards Courtesy photo

A 2005 Morro Bay High School graduate, who played on the school’s varsity basketball and softball teams, was found dead in Nevada.

The father of 27-year-old Margay Kim Edwards was notified by the Nye County Sheriff’s on Thursday that her body was found on a roadside near the town of Pahrump, Nev.

Jeff Edwards, who lives in Los Osos, said he’s awaiting details from detectives and that an investigation into his daughter’s death is ongoing. Edwards was told his daughter had died in mid-September.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Department couldn’t be reached for comment late Tuesday. But a report by the Pahrump television station, KPVM-TV, said Margay is possibly a homicide victim, though that hadn’t been confirmed.

KMPV said two men riding ATVs in the area discovered her body along a rural roadside and that the coroner said her body was in an advanced state of decomposition.

Edwards, at times choking back tears, described his daughter as “outgoing,” saying that talking to people came easy to her.

Her sociable nature helped her in her work at Firestone Grill in San Luis Obispo, where she held various positions before moving to San Diego a couple of years ago.

Margay Edwards, who loved art and was good at math, moved to San Diego after attending Cuesta College to study business at San Diego State University.

“She hadn’t settled on a specific career,” Jeff Edwards said. “She liked sports and may have done something in that arena.”

Edwards, a real estate broker who also works in land use, said he last saw his daughter earlier in September. She was the only child of Insong and Jeff Edwards, who are divorced.

Her father said he didn’t know how Margay ended up in Nevada.

Edwards said he’ll have fond memories of taking his daughter on day and overnight trips to Santa Barbara, where they visited the pier, ate at restaurants, and went shopping.

He said Margay’s friendliness was exemplified by the way she would return from walks talking enthusiastically about the strangers she’d chatted with on her jaunt.

“She’d take a walk in the neighborhood and come back talking about meeting new people and what they’d discussed,” Edwards said. “It was easy for her to talk to people. …She loved her job at Firestone’s.”

Her artwork included paintings of landscapes and stills.

Edwards said his daughter was close to her 6-year-old half-brother, Jack, the son of Jeff Edwards and Julie Tacker.

Margay and Jack would watch cartoons and movies together, eat pizza, and go to the beach.

Margay Edwards’ last text message to her mother, Insong Edwards, said, “Tell Jack I love him.”

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