Sales tax-funded roadwork continues in Paso Robles

Roadwork funded by money from Paso Robles’ half-percent sales tax increase continues this summer as city leaders look to tackle one of the city’s major thoroughfares.

The City Council last week awarded a roughly $1.1 million contract to Paso Robles company Ferravanti Paving & Grading to repair and repave Spring Street between 16th and 24th streets.

The contract also includes repairs to a sewer line and water valves under the road, which will not be paid for with the sales tax money.

Of the $1.1 million total, the spending breakdown is: about $886,300 for the roadwork using supplemental sales tax funds; $171,150 to fix the sewer line using sewer enterprise funds; and $56,850 to fix the water valves using water enterprise funds.

The fixes started on Country Club Drive this summer and will fan out to other roadways in a preset schedule approved by the council last year and stretching over the next five years.

As of May, the city had received about $3.9 million in supplemental sales tax dollars, the report states. Shoppers in Paso Robles pay an 8 percent sales tax with the new measure in place, which voters approved the sales tax increase in 2012.

The increase began in spring 2013 and is estimated to bring in $3.5 million annually for 12 years.