Paso Robles kids launch water rockets as part of library program

Children participating in the Paso Robles City Library’s summer reading program got a special treat Saturday when they launched water rockets in the Downtown City Park.

The kids, with the help of local Boy Scouts, participated in the activity as part of the library’s science-inspired summer reading program, “Fizz, Boom, Read.” The program is designed to keep youngsters occupied with fun things to learn and do while school is out of session.

Earlier in the week, the kids built water rockets using empty two-liter soda bottles. They shot them off Saturday to learn about how water pressure can be used to propel the bottles up to 60 feet, according to the library.

Next up this week is the “Fun with Physics” class for kids ages 10 to 18 at 2 p.m. Wednesday and the “Ooey Gooey Science” slime-making workshop for children 12 and younger at noon Thursday.

Children’s services librarian Heather Stephenson — who says she used to work at Nickelodeon, the television network known for pouring slime on people in some shows — says she plans to share “the top-secret recipe for edible slime” at the workshop.

The activities are free. Those interested in the physics program are asked to preregister at the library or by calling 237-3870, while free tickets for the slime class will be distributed from the library’s children’s desk 30 minutes before the program begins.

Spots are limited at both activities. The library is located at 1000 Spring St.

For more information on library programs and events, call 237-3870 or visit www.prcity.com/library.

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