Paso Robles to vote again on mobile marijuana services

A proposed ban on medical marijuana delivery services in Paso Robles is coming back to the City Council on Tuesday.

Council members deadlocked 2-2 on the issue last month when Councilman John Hamon was absent. All five councilmen plan to attend Tuesday’s meeting, city officials said.

The issue came about this summer after a mobile medical marijuana dispensary came to the city for a business license.

Brick-and-mortar medical marijuana shops were prohibited in the city in 2007, but because the ordinance failed to include mobile delivery services as well, city staff, unsure of what to tell the business seeking the license, brought the issue before the council.

Then, the councilmen couldn’t agree.

“Since it was a deadlocked decision last meeting, staff needed direction on how to proceed,” City Administrative Services Director Jim Throop said.

The council will again be tasked with either approving the mobile medical marijuana dispensary business license or changing the city’s existing medical marijuana shop ban to include delivery services as well.

The meeting is planned for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Library/City Hall downstairs conference center at 1000 Spring St.