Missing dirt bike rider is found after 3-hour search

A dirt bike rider missing overnight in a remote location near Pozo was located after a roughly three-hour search Thursday morning.

The biker, identified as Rodney Allan Hill, 48, of Creston, was supposed to meet back with his wife at a campground near the Turkey Flats area of the county near Pozo, said San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Tony Cipolla. When he failed to show, the wife reportedly waited a few hours before going out to search for Hill.

She then contacted sheriff’s deputies, who were only able to locate Hill’s vehicle. The Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team was called to the area and began searching at approximately 5 a.m. using ATVs and four-wheel-drive vehicles to navigate the remote area known for its rugged terrain and steep cliffs.

Hall was eventually spotted at about 8 a.m. in the nearby Navajo Flats area with an injury to his clavicle. According to Cipolla, Hall was riding in a dry riverbed when an accident threw him from the bike, causing his injuries.

He later told searchers he hiked for about five miles from the scene before being located by the search and rescue team.