Business Expo 2014 'Business in Bloom' set for Los Osos

When the Los Osos/Baywood Park Chamber of Commerce hosts an event, being festive is always a goal, and good eats must be abundant.

The organization hopes that will be the case at the Business Expo 2014, “Business in Bloom,” which is set for 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Friday at the South Bay Community Center (www.lobpchamber.com).

“The Business Expo has been a popular event for the community over the years,” chamber president Jim Stanfill said. “It provides businesses exposure in a party atmosphere. The public learns about their businesses, and we have some fun doing it. Last year, we added a barbecue by the Kiwanis, which was very popular.”

With 18 years at The Mortgage House Inc., Shar Gregory will wear two hats for this year’s event: as expo chair and as host for the company’s booth. More than 20 businesses will participate, including Baywood Cyclery, Errands for Elders, Quantum Waves Biofeedback, SLO Noor Foundation, Sage Ecological Landscapes and Nursery and Bay Osos Brokers, the chamber’s pick for the 2013 Business of the Year.

Also participating is Swift Subtropicals, part of Bear Creek Ranch, which says its ranching and farming operations and agricultural tours offer “… holistic cattle management/rotational grazing, rare fruit growing techniques, organic growing techniques, with alternative varieties and subtropical fruits.” A vacation rental on the property accommodates 16 and is intended for families or group retreats.

“The new year brought new members to the board with new ideas and enthusiasm,” Stanfill said, adding that the revitalized membership committee is identifying more reasons to value membership. “Fundraising will be more about having events the community enjoys rather than a way to pay for chamber expenses,” he said.

Leaders at the Historical Society of Morro Bay are reporting a similar resurgence.

Founding board member and former president Gary Ream and current president Linda Estes and Roger Castle welcome the energy of their newest board members: Victoria Berry, Emily Dunn and Cathy Ryan.

“Not only have they offered good ideas, but they are helping us implement them,” Ream said.

“One of our biggest problems is Morro Bay residents don’t know we exist,” Estes said, “so we’re actively participating in Morro Bay’s 50th celebration year. We’re offering free membership through February 2015 to introduce our organization. Since February, we added at least 50 new members.”

The society’s next meeting will be from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Sunday, focusing on “The History of State Parks in Morro Bay.”

Learn more at www.facebook.com/HistoricalSocietyofMorroBay or www.morrobay50th.com.