Diablo Canyon emergency sirens will undergo low-volume testing

Emergency warning sirens surrounding Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant will be tested on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The low-volume growl test involves 131 sirens arrayed in an area extending from Cayucos to the north to the Nipomo Mesa to the south and as far inland as San Luis Obispo.

Each of the sirens will be sounded for a period of a few seconds at various times of day to determine if they are working properly. This is only a test and anyone who hears the sirens should not take any action, said the count Office of Emergency Services.

The sirens are required as part of the operation of Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. They are intended to be used in the event of a radiation leak but can be used for other public emergencies including a tsunami or dam failure.

In the event of a real emergency, the public should tune into a local radio or television station upon hearing the sirens for emergency information.