New Year's resolutions: Finding the right place to work out is key

Tradition expects us to strategize what we hope to accomplish in the New Year. Short list or long list, they say the trick to keeping a New Year’s resolution is two-fold. List only what is achievable and make a bonded commitment with yourself to actually do it. Losing weight, exercising and eating healthy will typically make a list, but is mega body-downsizing or eliminating all cravings realistic?

“Dr. Sears teaches us the best exercise is the one you will do,” said Carrie Schaefer, health coach at Revamp Personal Training in Morro Bay, who is nutrition-certified by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute of Colorado. “Don’t do it because it’s the New Year. Make it fun, and it will be attainable.”

Finding the facility, programs and trainers that will motivate is as personal as discovering the dietary plan that will derive ultimate results. Five fitness facilities in the Estero Bay area offer tours to introduce their wellness philosophies: Morro Bay’s Revamp, 1130 Napa Ave.; Studio Fitness, 349 Quintana Road; FitnessWorks & TherapyWorks, 500 Quintana Road; San Luis Sports Therapy & Fitness Clinic, 890 Shasta Ave.; and Los Osos Fitness, 1078 Los Osos Valley Road.

Depending on where you go, programs include toning and tightening, CrossFit, core conditioning, paleo, Barre, yoga, spinning, body pump, body combat, Zumba, tai chi, Pilates, stretching, Movement for Life, Commit to Fit, and personal and group training sessions.

While training to become a nurse, Revamp owner Lindsay Ashton worked at FitnessWorks for seven years. She began in its child care program and ultimately became a trainer.

After three years building a client base, she didn’t want to leave the area to finish nurse’s training. She opened Revamp in 2011. Revamp’s space needs have grown from 930 square feet to 3,900 square feet, utilizing a former elementary school’s playground area. An open house will be from 1 to 5 p.m. Jan. 11.

Judy Salamacha’s column is special to The Tribune. Reach her at judysalamacha@gmail.com or 801-1422.