SLO has a warm Christmas week

That new sweater wrapped under the Christmas tree? You won’t need it Wednesday.

San Luis Obispo could experience another unofficial record-breaking high temperature, just as it did Tuesday with an unseasonable 84 degrees at the San Luis Obispo airport. Weather data collected at the airport since 1998 aren’t considered official.

“This is the warmest Christmas Eve we’ve had at the airport since 1998,” National Weather Service meteorologist Joe Sirard said. “It could be in the 80s again on Christmas with that nice northeasterly wind that’s bringing in the warm air.”

At Cal Poly, the high was 76 degrees on Tuesday, shy of the 81-degree unofficial record set for Dec. 24 in 1999.

Temperatures should continue to be warm Friday, before a low front brings some clouds by the weekend. Highs in the mid- to upper 60s are expected on the coast, while temperatures inland may reach the mid-70s, Sirard said.

As for rain: “We don’t expect any rain through December. After that, we’re not really sure.”

Maybe Friday would be a good day to exchange that sweater for a T-shirt.