County offers tips for holiday shoppers to avoid being overcharged

County officials offered the public some tips this week on ways to guard against being inadvertently overcharged while doing holiday shopping.

“Retailers know it’s the law to have accurate prices,” said Martin Settevendemie, county Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer of Weights and Measures. “However, the potential for inadvertent overcharges is greater during the holiday shopping season because of the high volume of sales and the quickly changing discounts that are offered.”

Settevendemie offered the following tips to shoppers.

  • Pay attention to prices posted on store shelves and in ads to make sure you are charged that amount at the register.
  • Watch the cash register display screen to make sure you are getting the correct price. Speak up if you aren’t.
  • Review your receipt before leaving the store and bring it to the attention of store personnel if there is an error. Ask for the store policy on overcharges.