Plumbing problems plague residents in freezing North County

With early morning low temperatures plunging into the 20s in Paso Robles on Wednesday and Thursday, North County-based plumbing businesses reported fielding numerous calls from residents and business owners with weather-related problems.

“We’ve probably gotten about 20 calls today with freezing pipes,” said Paul Garcia, owner of North County Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Inc. on Thursday. “Prior to this we had one or two all season.”

Some residential pipes had burst; others were frozen and needed to be thawed, Garcia said. He said all involved uncovered pipes. Garcia said that covering pipes offers protection unless the temperature drops into single digits, when even insulated pipes can fail if the insulation isn’t thick enough or poorly wrapped.

Inland low temperatures are expected to remain in the 20s over the next week, except for a slight warming to a low of 35 degrees on Saturday, said PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey. So, get those water pipes securely wrapped.