Unit 2 at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant back at full power after 2-month shutdown

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant has completed a major refueling outage, say PG&E officials.

In what plant managers are calling one of the most successful outages in plant history, Unit 2 at Diablo is running at full power after a nearly two-month shutdown, which involved the replacement of a portion of the reactor’s fuel and performance of 30 maintenance projects and several major equipment upgrades.

Major projects included upgrading a crane system that is used to move key plant components and a digital process control system that monitors and controls various plant systems.

PG&E’s Chief Nuclear Officer Ed Halpin attributed the success of the outage to good planning.

Each reactor refueling provides an economic boost to the county because more than 1,000 supplemental workers are brought in to help perform about 1 million hours of work.

“During each outage, around $5 million is spent locally by visiting workers and their families,” said Peter Candela, executive officer of the Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce.