Movie movers, shakers gather at Castle for 'Citizen Hearst' screening

Celebrities and powerful people gathered at Hearst Castle Friday night to mark the 125th anniversary of the Hearst Corp. and the West Coast premiere of “Citizen Hearst,” a film about the international multimedia firm and its eccentric founder, William Randolph Hearst.

The event happened on a chilly, windswept evening at Hearst’s former “ranch” estate in San Simeon, now a state park.

The mostly by-invitation showing was a highlight of the 2013 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. “Citizen Hearst” was screened in Hearst’s circa-1930, ornate red-and-gold theater that originally seated up to 50 people.

Before the show, about 120 attendees hobnobbed, sipped Hearst Ranch wines, nibbled Hearst Ranch beef and other appetizers, and snapped low-light, atmosphere-laden pictures of one another around the fused-gold-tiled indoor Roman Pool.

Among the photo groupings were rancher Pete Clark with actress Daryl Hannah … and Hearst Corp.

Chairman William R. Hearst III and President/COO Steven Swartz with the woman of the night, filmmaker Leslie Iwerks, director of “Citizen Hearst.”

Later, Iwerks was presented with the film festival’s 2013 Spotlight Award.

Leaders of the Friends of Hearst Castle nonprofit also attended, along with county and State Parks officials.

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