Boy student at Arroyo Grande High allegedly threatens girl

Arroyo Grande police are investigating an apparent threat made against an Arroyo Grande High School student by another classmate.

Several officers were on campus Wednesday and police plan to have a presence Thursday at the high school, Cmdr. Kevin McBride said.

Police got involved after school staff learned of the alleged threat. According to McBride, a boy and a girl student were communicating on Facebook on Feb. 28 when the boy told the girl not to go to school on March 7 because something was going to happen.

“There was no specific threat, no mention of any weapons,” McBride said.

The girl alerted school staff, including the school resource officer, who is an Arroyo Grande police employee. They did a thorough assessment of the incident and notified Arroyo Grande police.

According to a statement released by the Lucia Mar Unified School District, “Appropriate precautions have been taken and students and parents can be assured that the campus is a safe environment.”

McBride said the male student was suspended and will not be on campus Thursday. Police will continue investigating and assisting the school to ensure safety for students and staff, he said. He added the incident is not considered a criminal matter.

About 2,150 students attend Arroyo Grande High, located at Fair Oaks Avenue and Valley Road.