Local talk-radio station KYNS-AM changes format

Progressive talk radio station KYNS has changed its format, knocking such liberal icons as Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman, and Ed Schultz off the air in San Luis Obispo County, and leaving local talk radio the near exclusive domain of conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

The change to straight news took place at the end of January, and the station, located at 1340 on the AM dial, is not explaining why it made the move. Station manager Aaron Criswell declined repeated requests from The Tribune to say whether poor ratings and a failure to sell advertising doomed the progressive shows.

Michael Morin, of Morin Brothers Automotive, who advertised on the progressive shows — some say he was the only advertiser — said a station salesperson told him KYNS was shooting for a more affluent audience.

The shift is not going over well with former listeners of KYNS, dozens of whom are scorching an online comment site with blistering attacks on station management.

“I cannot believe that this has happened. Our ONE channel of sanity in this world of Limbaughs and Becks, and you take away everything that made it special,” said one typical commenter. “Very stupid decision. Won't be listening for even a second.”

Another former listener called the change “bad for democracy” and yet another said “we (in the county) don’t live in a jungle anymore; times have changed.”