Two domestic violence and sexual violence support groups to merge

Two local nonprofits that assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in San Luis Obispo County are consolidating to keep a competitive edge while seeking grant funding.

The merger of the North County Women’s Shelter and Resource Center and the Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention (SARP) Center will have a combined budget of $1 million.

“It gives us more credibility in going for larger federal funding streams and really helps expand our donor base in the community,” said Jennifer Adams, executive director of the North County Women’s Shelter and Resource Center.

Adams, who once oversaw the SARP center, will lead the merged non-profit which will retain its 24 staff members at two program sites.

Jesse Torrey, the interim director of the SARP Center will become the Associate Executive Director.

“The fiscal situation going on with governmental grants and all of the cutbacks forced us to really look at programming and administration and streamline to be as efficient as possible,” said Adams.

Governmental agencies nationwide often link funding for services related to violence against women such as domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking, said Adams.

“These dual agencies are coming together because there is such a crossover of the assistance these women need,” said Adams. “Our mission statements are in alignment and this will allow us to serve victims at a different level.


The North County Women’s Shelter and Resource Center currently has an annual operating budget of $700,000 and the Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention Center a budget of about $350,000 annually.


No existing programs will be cut from either non-profit and for now the hotlines run by each agency will continue.


The merger will take effect Feb. 1, 2013 but a new non-profit will not be announced until July.


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