Former aide to Gibson will stay in 'temporary' job through holidays

The legislative aide whose affair with county Supervisor Bruce Gibson led her  to be moved out of his office will continue her  “temporary” job with the Clerk-Recorder’s Office at least through the  holidays, Gibson said.

Gibson said the arrangement would “proceed status quo” through the holidays and  into the New Year.

Meanwhile, he said, the work that Cherie Aispuro would ordinarily be doing in  his office will be picked up by others. “A variety of folks are doing  pieces of the job that Cherie used to do, including me.”

Although she is working in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office, Aispuro’s  $68,890 salary is coming from the Board of Supervisors' budget.

On Nov. 17, Gibson, 60, announced that he and his aide were having a  consensual affair, and that he and his wife are divorcing.

The episode has created considerable criticism of Gibson as well as  accusations of favoritism in finding another job for Aispuro.

In pursuing the relationship with his aide, Gibson violated to no  county policy, misused no county money, and did not expose the county  to any significant legal liability, County Counsel Rita Neal said  Tuesday.