Detour barriers at railroad tracks in Paso Robles to be removed

The detour barriers at the railroad tracks in Paso Robles that have blocked eastbound traffic from Spring Street to the 13th Street Bridge were to be removed Wednesday night after a utility company finished its wiring work under the bridge’s sidewalk, a city engineer said.

Since June, AT&T has been installing new phone lines under the bridge’s southside walkway. It involved connecting 3,600 pairs of cables that serve much of Paso Robles, city engineer Ditas Esperanza said.

A separate construction barrier on the 13th Street Bridge at Riverside Avenue will remain up through next year while a larger project continues.

Some people thought work wasn’t occurring behind the bridge barrier since the workers were mostly hidden while connecting the cables.

The larger bridge project involves demolishing the remaining sidewalk, curb, gutter and other parts of the bridge behind the barrier, Esperanza said.

After those are gone, crews will begin to install a narrower sidewalk, curb, gutter, concrete barrier and features designed to meet current seismic codes. Ornamental fencing and lighting will also be added.

The work is part of a $10 million grant project to carry out road projects at Highway 46 East and Highway 101, on Riverside Avenue between 13th and 17th streets and on the 13th Street Bridge over Highway 101.

Upon completion of the bridge work, there will be signal upgrades at Riverside Avenue and Paso Robles Street and three lanes for westbound traffic.

The work is slated to wrap up next year.