CASA looking for teens to help abused and neglected children

A county organization devoted to helping abused and neglected children is enlisting teenagers to help improve the lives of those young people.


CASA of San Luis Obispo County, which provides court-appointed special advocates for children, has begun enrollment in its Teen Leadership Challenge program, according to CASA’s executive director, Teresa Tardiff.






CASA is looking for “teen leaders that are passionate to help,” Tardiff said, adding that they “will learn valuable traits to become a successful leader and part of the community.”


As many as 20 teenagers will use a local mentor network comprised of business executives, marketing directors and community leaders that will help them achieve success. They also will receive letters of recommendation.

Most importantly, Tardiff said, the time they spend assisting those less fortunate “will make a lifelong impact.”




There are some 500 children in San Luis Obispo County “in need and waiting for help,” Tardiff said.




Tardiff invites interested teenagers to contact her at   ttardiff@slocasa.org .