UPDATE: Atascadero house fire causes $75,000 in damage

UPDATE:Two firefighters were injured while battling a blaze at a home in Atascadero on Friday.

Twenty-four firefighters were called out to the fire around 2:06pm, located at a residence on the 4000 block of Nogales in Atascadero, according to Capt. Bill White. Two firefighters were injured, one with a twisted ankle and the other treated for heat exhaustion.

The fire was started by a battery charger hooked up in the garage of the Nogales and Rosita avenues home, according to White. The blaze caused $75,000 in damage.

With flames coming out of the roof, the fire spread to nearby trees and the homeowner's truck.

Of greater concern were electrical lines that fell near gas lines, prompting the gas company to dig up the street to prevent further damage and possible catastrophic results.


The Atascadero Fire Department responded to a structure fire around 2:30 p.m. Friday near Rosita Avenue and Nogales Avenue.

The fire spread to nearby brush before firefighters could extinguish it. It is now fully contained.

An estimate on damage has not been released yet.