Cayucos’ little Rotary Club has big effect

The Cayucos Rotary may be the smallest service club on the Central Coast, but its community impact is significant.

Amid ongoing community projects, such as the installation of smoke alarms in homes of Cayucos seniors, the club’s upcoming president for 2013-14 recently brought worldwide attention to the group and community when he was recognized at Rotary’s international convention in Bangkok.

Last year’s Cayucos Rotarian of the Year, Dick Moore, was honored as Man of the Year by Rotary International’s 2011-12 President Kaylan Banerjee for his contributions: developing fellowship and expanding Rotary awareness and membership; working to facilitate health care for rural villagers in Tanzania; his involvement in Central Coast schools’ peer mediation program; establishing local vocational scholarships for high school students; and initiating new local community projects.

The club’s next community event is a complimentary breakfast Saturday from 8:30 to 11 a.m. at Cayucos Elementary School.

“The breakfast is the brainchild of new member John Gil Ingleheart, who transferred from Healdsburg Rotary,” said Sherry Sim, past president. “Gil convinced the membership the breakfast is one way for the Cayucos Rotary to serve our community and generate new friendships, especially among the seniors.”

Ingleheart partnered with Dorn’s and Duckie’s restaurants, which provided pancake batter and ham. Rotary members will supply coffee and tea and will cook and serve the breakfast.

A complimentary viewing of “The Redemption of the Monster of Piedras Blancas,” which debuted during the busy Fourth of July weekend festivities, will take place during the breakfast. There are three screenings: 8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

The quirky community-produced film features Cayucos in the late 1950s. In the film, a lonely lighthouse keeper is faced with the challenge of safekeeping his village, which is being stalked by a monstrous creature.

Cayucos School Superintendent Jim Brescia wanted to show the movie again for those who missed it in July.

Kudos also go to Gladys Bird, the 2012-13 Cayucos Rotarian of the Year. Bird, originally from Michigan, was a mortgage-banking vice president for 21 years. Married to retired attorney Ron Bird, she lives in Morro Bay. Gladys Bird loves to walk on the beach, garden, read and volunteer.

For two years, Bird served as club secretary and helped the club achieve nearly 100 percent attendance with Rotary International. She participates in all club events, supports President Emily Campbell and volunteers at CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for children) and the Literacy Council of San Luis Obispo.

Cayucos Rotarians will participate in the San Luis Obispo County Hunger Walk on Sept. 22. Their fifth anniversary celebration will be March 16, 2013.

For more information, contact Sherry Sim at 234-4315 or visit www.cayucosrotary.org.

Judy Salamacha’s column is special to The Tribune. Reach her at judysalamacha@gmail.com or 801-1422.