Bogus website, 'robo' call put out false election information, supervisor Adam Hill says

UPDATE at 3:53 p.m.: Hill said Capps is a personal and professional friend, they have endorsed one another, and were working phone banks together on Sunday. Capps reiterated her support for Hill today.

Hill said he has tracked the fake website to Kevin P. Rice, an off-road advocate in South County who has been supporting Ed Waage’s campaign against Rice. Rice has an independent expenditure committee called Integrity San Luis Obispo Opposes Adam Hill for Supervisor 2012.

Rice did not return a telephone call or an email from The Tribune.

ORIGINAL: Supervisor candidate Adam Hill is warning voters to beware of automated phone call being made today to Democratic voters that falsely links him to Republican Abel Maldonado, erroneously says he opposes Lois Capps, and “backs it up” by referring to a bogus website that has Hill’s name but is not Hill’s.

The call said Hill is betraying Democrats by backing Maldonado, which Hill said he has not done. But then it refers listeners to a website called adamhillsupervisor.com that repeats the lie. That is not Hill’s website, although the casual voter would have no way of knowing that.

Hill’s official website is adamhill.us and Hill told The Tribune this afternoon that he believes whoever is behind the calls and the bogus website is committing voter fraud. In addition, Hill said, “it’s pretty creepy.”

Hill said Capps is a personal and professional friend, and they were working phone banks together on Sunday.