Jodi Fisher of Cayucos dies with wishes fulfilled


Jodi Fisher, the Cayucos woman who inspired thousands as she lived her final days fulfilling her dreams while battling cancer, died Saturday morning.

Fisher, 44, who was diagnosed with a rare, inoperable form of cancer nearly two years ago, shared her story with the public in February as she handed out free ice cream from an ice cream truck in her hometown to celebrate her birthday.

The venture was part of a bucket list — or fun list — she had compiled with her family to spend time together doing things they hadn’t yet had a chance to do.

Her story quickly captivated the community, and her strength as a vivacious mother of two young children, a wife, a sister and a daughter inspired many.

Her husband, Shawn Fisher, said of the list: “While, yes, it was a fun list, it was also about the power of love, kindness and community.”

In a serendipitous chain of events, her story was shared across the country.

Within days of its publication, her remaining bucket list wishes were starting to come true as she found support far and wide.

In mid-February, she met President Barack Obama while he stopped in San Francisco for a campaign swing. A photo of Obama leaning over to embrace Fisher, with a smile beaming on her face, was shared across the nation.

A week later she appeared as a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” — another wish — where the family was given a $30,000 check from Sara Lee to help pay for her children’s education.

She fulfilled both wishes with her family, husband Shawn and children Callie, 11, and Jonah, 9, at her side.

On the show, broadcast to millions of viewers, Fisher said that she remained focused on the positive and was grateful for all she had, including the opportunity to get up each morning and hug her husband and children one more time.

Shortly after the show, Fisher’s health declined and she remained hospitalized for most of her remaining days.

Fisher’s hope in sharing her journey and the bucket list created by her family was to inspire others to do the same.

“Of course none of us know when we will go, but I think it is important to give it some thought — you don’t want to wait until you are sick to prioritize what is important in life,” Fisher told The Tribune. “I know people don’t think they have time to do this — or it is uncomfortable or scary for them — but really all we have is time. And it’s what we do with it that is important.”

Fisher is survived by her husband and two children of Cayucos; parents Doug and Pam Hamp of Morro Bay and her twin brother, Jeff Hamp.

Funeral services are tentatively scheduled for March 30 at the Cayucos Cemetery.

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