105 County Jail inmates quarantined amid flu outbreak

A flu outbreak in the west dormitory area of County Jail has led to a quarantine of 105 inmates, according to the county Sheriff’s Office.

Four cases of flu were reported Tuesday in the west dormitory area of County Jail. A total of 29 inmates have been exposed.

Protocols for handling an outbreak of this kind in a correctional facility are to quarantine the area, which includes a total of 105 inmates, officials said.

The inmates currently aren’t being allowed to have visiting privileges, and court appearances will be postponed.Symptoms include aches and pains, headaches and fevers, said sheriff’s spokesman Rob Bryn.

No corrections staff members have been diagnosed with the flu, and vaccinations have been offered.

The flu is expected to take five more days to run its course, according to county public health officials, who are monitoring the outbreak.