ASH reports 2 new attacks on employees

Two employees at Atascadero State Hospital were attacked last week, ASH spokesman Craig Dacus said.

The attacks by patients occurred in two separate incidents Wednesday.

Dacus did not disclose the employees’ names or positions, their injuries or where in the hospital the assaults took place.

No arrests were made. It’s unclear whether an investigation is still under way.

ASH is a high-security state hospital in southeast Atascadero that treats mentally ill inmates from the correctional system and other violent offenders.

Attacks at the facility are not uncommon, and staff injuries related to aggression have generally increased in recent years. Last December, four attacks on six employees were reported in a span of seven days.

About a dozen attacks were reported during a three-week period in January, the last of which happened Jan. 22, when an employee was treated for undisclosed injuries at the hospital’s medical area.

No incidents were reported during the first two-and-a-half weeks of February.

When asked whether the number of incidents appear to have decreased in the past month, Dacus said: “These types of things go through ebbs and flows with the challenging population that the hospital treats.”