Three of 10 new video surveillance 'pods' in Arroyo Grande to be moved or replaced

Three of the new “pods” of video surveillance cameras in the Arroyo Grande Village have been removed, but two will be reinstalled and one will be moved to a different location, police Chief Steve Annibali said recently.

Ten surveillance camera systems were recently installed to monitor specific areas of the Village in an effort to prevent vandalism, graffiti and other crimes and to protect its historical properties.

Each system contains four cameras, a digital video recorder and a wireless broadband router, and allows dispatchers to watch real-time activity on three monitors at the Arroyo Grande police station.

One of the systems, located on the Chocolate Sheep business on East Branch Street, will be removed and relocated to a parking lot on Le Point Street, Annibali said, where it would be of better use.

Two other systems, located on the side of the Olohan Building at Bridge and Branch streets, will be removed and replaced with smaller, “architecturally pleasing” systems, he said.

“We weren’t happy with the appearance of those on the buildings,” Annibali said.

Other systems will remain in place, including those in Olohan Alley, near Heritage Square Park and close to South County Historical Society properties, including the Heritage House Museum, Santa Manuela Schoolhouse and Barn Museum.